Dudley Housing Authority
22 Joshua Place
Dudley, MA 01571
Phone: (508) 949-0522
FAX: (508) 949-2708


State Chapter 667 - Elderly & Young Disabled

State-funded public housing for seniors and people with disabilities is open to households where one member of the household is at least 60 years of age or has a disability and meets certain income guidelines.

For state public housing, the person with a disability can be any member of the family and does not have to be the head of household or a spouse (as is the case in federal public housing). For this program, however, there is a limit as to the percentage of non-elderly people with disabilities who are allowed to rent.

State Chapter 689 - Adults with Special Needs

Chapter 689 housing is public housing for adults with special needs. Although the program was established to serve people with a wide variety of needs, the current focus is on creating group homes for adults with mental disabilities who are leaving facilities run by the Department of Mental Health (DMH).